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Walter Johnson and Associates, Inc., is a private investigation firm specializing in investigating claims for employers, insurance companies, TPA’S and municipalities. Our investigators’ are experts at obtaining, preserving and presenting evidence. We conduct our investigations with a priority on obtaining evidence in a manner that will ensure the evidence will be admissible and in a timely fashion when the evidence is most likely to have a beneficial impact.

We concentrate on providing consistent effective investigations to a limited clientele and as a result we become very familiar with the operations of your business. We customize our processes and develop best procedures to ensure best results.

We critically analyze every assignment to identify the most cost effective way to complete a thorough and effective investigation. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the information necessary to properly analyze your claims.

Our Investigators provide you with solutions from beginning to end

Our AOE/COE Investigations are thorough and often more detailed than a typical SIU interview or deposition. Our reports and statements have been cited by QME doctors as the basis for concluding that claims are not compensable.

We Follow Effective Principles Such As:
Setting up and assigning files quickly.
Reviewing file information carefully and discussing your views prior to conducting interviews.
Setting and maintaining appointments quickly.
Maintaining a professional appearance and presentation.
Knowing the issues of liability and addressing them thoroughly during interviews.
Diligently documenting and securing evidence using the best methods to ensure the evidence will be admissible.
Understand and document all areas of concern, including; compensability, liability, nature and extent of injury, apportionment and subrogation.
Our standard AOE/COE statements are often more detailed and useful than a typical SIU interview or deposition. Samples provided upon request.

We provide investigations on all aspects of workers compensation claims from limited exposure claims to serious injuries and fatalities. Our investigators are adept at soliciting statements in a manner most likely to result in cooperation. Our independent detailed and thorough interviews allow us to provide you with a thorough and accurate investigation report.

Our investigators review every assignment with you prior to initiating our investigation. Upon completion of every assignment our investigator will provide you with a verbal summary to ensure all aspects of the claim have been addressed.

“Surveillance Investigations are most successful when we follow good practices”

Selecting and managing our employees is a top priority.

All employees undergo a thorough background check and drug testing.
All employees undergo rigorous training regardless of their prior experience. We make sure we have reliable steadfast representative who are well trained.
Our investigators’ are excellent at obtaining information from individuals during investigations to help guide our strategy. (We speak Spanish).
All employees are required to electronically submit detailed status and billing information.

We have structured our programs around best practices.

We will contact you and/or the adjuster on all cases to make sure we have all of the intelligence and information available to obtain best results.
We start every assignment (AOE/COE and surveillance) by conducting a series of approximately 20 preliminary internet searches (depending on the county) and use that information during our investigation.
We analyze files to create a strategy and we re-evaluate as the case progresses to adjust for circumstances as they develop.
We set surveillance start times based on information and intelligence.
We do not continue with surveillance when it is obviously inappropriate or unreasonable to do so. All surveillance video is immediately available for review on our website.
We upload all surveillance film to the internet and provide you with a link in our status and investigation report so you can view the film immediately.

We will (at your direction) set an appointment with the treating doctor and show them the film so they can make an immediate determination if the claimant’s activities substantially contradict their alleged injuries, to encourage the doctor to return the claimant to work.